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Chemical Information
DescriptionGalactan is a beta-glucan consisting of polymerized galactose. Beta -glucans are glucose polymers found in the cell walls of plants, fungi, and bacteria and as conserved structures can be considered to be classical pathogen-associated molecular patterns. These polymers belong to a class of drugs known as biological response modifiers and have a variety of effects on the immune system, including antitumor and anti-infective activities, protecting against fungal, bacterial, viral, and protozoal infections. Both particulate and soluble beta -glucans mediate these activities by activating leukocytes and stimulating their phagocytic activity and the production of reactive oxygen intermediates, inflammatory mediators, and cytokines. Despite the wealth of knowledge regarding the effects of beta-glucans and their obvious therapeutic potential, the molecular mechanisms that underlie these responses are not well understood. A number of receptors are thought to play a role in mediating these responses, including murine Dectin-1, which we recently identified as a beta-glucan receptor. Dectin-1 is a C-type lectin receptor that mediates the production of reactive oxygen species and inflammatory cytokines. Galactan is found in hemicellulose and can be converted to galactose by hydrolysis. (PMID: 11567029, 11567029, 16880608); Galactan is a polymer of the sugar galactose. It is found in hemicellulose and can be converted to galactose by hydrolysis. Galactose solubility in water is 68.30 grams per 100 grams of water at 20?25°C.; Galactose (Gal) is a type of sugar which is less sweet than glucose. It is considered a nutritive sweetener because it has food energy. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek word for milk, ???????? (galaktos).; Galactose is a component of the antigens present on blood cells that determine blood type within the ABO blood group system.; Galactose is a monosaccharide. When combined with glucose, through a dehydration reaction, the result is the disaccharide lactose. The hydrolysis of lactose to glucose and galactose is catalyzed by the enzyme lactase, a ?-galactosidase.; The first and last -OH groups point the same way and the second and third -OH groups point the other way. D-Galactose has the same configuration at its penultimate carbon as D-glyceraldehyde. Galactose is an epimer of glucose.
CAS Number39300-87-3
Chemical FormulaC20H36O16
IUPAC name2-[(6-{[4,5-dihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-methoxyoxan-3-yl]oxy}-4,5-dihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)oxan-3-yl)oxy]-6-(hydroxymethyl)-5-methoxyoxane-3,4-diol
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/C20H36O16/c1-30-15-6(3-21)33-19(13(28)9(15)24)36-17-8(5-23)34-20(14(29)11(17)26)35-16-7(4-22)32-18(31-2)12(27)10(16)25/h6-29H,3-5H2,1-2H3
Average Molecular Weight532.4902
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight532.200335104
Chemical Taxonomy
Description Belongs to the class of organic compounds known as oligosaccharides. These are carbohydrates made up of 3 to 10 monosaccharide units linked to each other through glycosidic bonds.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassOrganic oxygen compounds
ClassOrganooxygen compounds
Sub ClassCarbohydrates and carbohydrate conjugates
Direct ParentOligosaccharides
Alternative Parents
  • Oligosaccharide
  • O-glycosyl compound
  • Glycosyl compound
  • Oxane
  • Secondary alcohol
  • Oxacycle
  • Organoheterocyclic compound
  • Ether
  • Dialkyl ether
  • Acetal
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Primary alcohol
  • Alcohol
  • Aliphatic heteromonocyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAliphatic heteromonocyclic compounds
External DescriptorsNot Available
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Experimental logPNot Available
Experimental Water SolubilityNot Available
Melting Point167°C
Foods of Origin
FoodContent Range AverageReference
Production Data
Production Methodcommercial
Production Method ReferenceNot Available
Production Method Reference FileNot Available
Quantity AvailableProduction upon request, up to 500 mg
Delivery TimeNot Available
Storage Formsolid
Storage Conditions-80°C
StabilityNot Available
PurityNot Available
Spectral Data Upon RequestNot Available
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Rosa Vazquez
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