Welcome to the Food Compound Exchange,

a new collaborative exchange platform for rare food-derived compounds!

The lack of authentic standards for food-derived metabolites is a major limitation in nutritional metabolomics. It also hampers the study of the cellular and molecular effects of physiological metabolites of food nutrients and non-nutrients in vitro models.

FoodComEx is a new chemical library initiated in the FoodBAll (Food Biomarkers Alliance) project to facilitate the sharing of not easily accessible standards for food compounds and their human metabolites.

FoodComEx is a virtual library, with compounds stored in the laboratory where they have been isolated or synthesized. Anyone interested in one compound will directly contact the laboratory offering to share the compound. Small amounts of commercial compounds can also be shared by academics who had to buy quantities in excess of their needs. A reference spectral library for food-derived compounds and their metabolites will be made available from the data shared by users.

We believe that FoodComEx will strengthen international collaboration in the field of metabolomics and beyond, but its success depends on your participation! You are invited to share your standards and browse our library if you are searching for a specific compound. Start now!

Please contact us for more information!