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Chemical Information
NameDeuteroporphyrin IX
DescriptionDeuteroporphyrin IX is a non-natural dicarboxylic porphyrin. Deuteroporphyrins are porphyrins with four methyl and two propionic acid side chains attached to the pyrrole rings. Deuteroporphyrin IX is described as a fecal porphyrin in patients with endemic chronic arsenic poisoning. (Environmental Sciences (Tokyo, Japan) (2001), 8(6), 561-570.) Excess accumulation of the biosynthetic intermediate protoporphyrin can lead to extensive tissue damage upon exposure to light since protoporpyhyrin is a potent photosensitizing agent, giving rise to membrane-destroying oxygen radicals or singlet oxygen. For instance, in the human porphyria disease porphyria variegata, a genetic deficiency in a heme biosynthetic enzyme, protoporphyrinogen oxidase, leads to protoporphyrin accumulation and lightdependent skin photosensitivity. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) in the presence of glutathione (GSH) could oxidize the non-natural porphyrin deuteroporphyrin IX, which is closely related to protoporphyrin IX. The product is a unique green chlorin. One of the pyrrole rings had been modified by addition of an hydroxy and an oxo group, thus giving the characteristic reduced pyrrole ring of the chlorine. Of most importance for human medicine, peroxidative enzymes present in mammalian cells can also carry out these GSH-dependent oxidative conversions of protoporphyrin and deuteroporphyrin. (PMID: 10334939) [HMDB]
CAS Number448-65-7
Chemical FormulaC30H30N4O4
IUPAC name3-[20-(2-carboxyethyl)-5,9,14,19-tetramethyl-21,22,23,24-tetraazapentacyclo[^{3,6}.1^{8,11}.1^{13,16}]tetracosa-1,3,5,7,9,11(23),12,14,16,18(21),19-undecaen-4-yl]propanoic acid
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/C30H30N4O4/c1-15-9-20-12-25-17(3)21(5-7-29(35)36)27(33-25)14-28-22(6-8-30(37)38)18(4)26(34-28)13-24-16(2)10-19(32-24)11-23(15)31-20/h9-14,31,34H,5-8H2,1-4H3,(H,35,36)(H,37,38)/b19-11-,20-12-,23-11-,24-13-,25-12-,26-13-,27-14-,28-14-
Isomeric SMILESCC1=C/C2=C/C3=N/C(=C\C4=C(CCC(O)=O)C(C)=C(N4)/C=C4\N=C(C=C4C)\C=C\1/N\2)/C(CCC(O)=O)=C3C
Average Molecular Weight510.5836
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight510.226705468
Chemical Taxonomy
Description Belongs to the class of organic compounds known as porphyrins. Porphyrins are compounds containing a fundamental skeleton of four pyrrole nuclei united through the alpha-positions by four methine groups to form a macrocyclic structure.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassOrganoheterocyclic compounds
ClassTetrapyrroles and derivatives
Sub ClassPorphyrins
Direct ParentPorphyrins
Alternative ParentsNot Available
SubstituentsNot Available
Molecular FrameworkNot Available
External DescriptorsNot Available
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Experimental logPNot Available
Experimental Water SolubilityNot Available
Melting PointNot Available
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FoodContent Range AverageReference
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Production Methodcommercial
Production Method ReferenceNot Available
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Quantity AvailableProduction upon request, up to 20 mg
Delivery TimeNot Available
Storage Formsolid
Storage Conditions-80°C
StabilityNot Available
PurityNot Available
Spectral Data Upon RequestNot Available
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Rosa Vazquez
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