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Chemical Information
NamePhosphoric acid
DescriptionPhosphoric acid or free phosphate, also known as H3PO4, belongs to the class of inorganic compounds known as non-metal phosphates. These are inorganic non-metallic compounds containing a phosphate as its largest oxoanion. Phosphate is a moderately acidic compound (based on its pKa). When phosphorous pentoxide is dissolved in water it produces phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is a colorless, odorless phosphorus-containing inorganic acid with a bland taste. Phosphate, in the form of phosphoric acid, phosphate ions (H2PO4 or HPO4 – at neutral pH) or various salts of phosphate, exists in all living species, ranging from bacteria to plants to humans. Free orthophosphate anions can be released by the hydrolysis of the phosphoanhydride bonds in ATP or ADP. These phosphorylation and dephosphorylation reactions are the immediate storage and source of energy for many metabolic processes. ATP and ADP are often referred to as high-energy phosphates. An important occurrence of phosphates in biological systems is as the structural material of bone and teeth. These structures are made of crystalline calcium phosphate in the form of hydroxyapatite. Vitamin D, which helps stimulate bone growth and stability, stimulates phosphate absorption, an effect reported to precede its action on calcium ion transport. Phosphate supplementation of the diet of rodents has been shown to lead to reduction in the incidence of dental caries and different phosphates have different powers in reducing the cariogenic potential of the carbohydrates in a diet. Food-grade phosphoric acid (additive E338) is used to acidify foods and beverages such as various colas and jams, providing a tangy or sour taste. Soft drinks containing phosphoric acid, including Coca-Cola, are sometimes called phosphate sodas or phosphates. Phosphoric acid also has the potential to contribute to the formation of kidney stones, especially in those who have had kidney stones previously (PMID:25364887). Phosphate, in the form of phosphoric acid, is one of the simple acids found in cannabis plant (PMID: 6991645).
CAS Number7664-38-2
Acide oriqueChEBI
Acidum oricumChEBI
Diate tetrasodiumHMDB
FEMA 2900db_source
o-Phosphoric acidbiospider
oric acidChEBI
ortho- Oric acidHMDB
orthoic acidGenerator
orthooric acidChEBI
Orthophosphoric aciddb_source
Sodium pyroateHMDB
Sodium pyroate decahydrateHMDB
Sodium pyroate decahydrate biochemicaHMDB
Tetra-sodium pyroateHMDB
Tetrasodium pyroate 10-hydrateHMDB
Tetrasodium pyroate decahydrateHMDB
Trihydroxo oxophosphorus(V)db_source
White oric acidHMDB
Chemical FormulaH3O4P
IUPAC namephosphoric acid
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/H3O4P/c1-5(2,3)4/h(H3,1,2,3,4)
Isomeric SMILESOP(O)(O)=O
Average Molecular Weight97.9952
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight97.976895096
Chemical Taxonomy
Description Belongs to the class of inorganic compounds known as non-metal phosphates. These are inorganic non-metallic compounds containing a phosphate as its largest oxoanion.
KingdomInorganic compounds
Super ClassHomogeneous non-metal compounds
ClassNon-metal oxoanionic compounds
Sub ClassNon-metal phosphates
Direct ParentNon-metal phosphates
Alternative Parents
  • Non-metal phosphate
  • Inorganic oxide
Molecular FrameworkNot Available
External Descriptors
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Experimental logP-1.436
Experimental Water SolubilityNot Available
Melting PointMp 42.3°DFC
Foods of Origin
FoodContent Range AverageReference
Production Data
Production Methodcommercial
Production Method ReferenceNot Available
Production Method Reference FileNot Available
Quantity AvailableProduction upon request, up to 2 g
Delivery TimeNot Available
Storage Formsolid
Storage Conditions-80°C
StabilityNot Available
PurityNot Available
Spectral Data Upon RequestNot Available
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Rosa Vazquez
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Glentham GK4212
Toronto Research Chemicals P359200