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Chemical Information
DescriptionKynurenine, also known as 3-anthraniloylalanine, is a member of the class of compounds known as alkyl-phenylketones. Alkyl-phenylketones are aromatic compounds containing a ketone substituted by one alkyl group, and a phenyl group. Kynurenine is slightly soluble (in water) and a moderately acidic compound (based on its pKa). Kynurenine can be found in a number of food items such as yellow zucchini, carrot, spinach, and broccoli, which makes kynurenine a potential biomarker for the consumption of these food products. Kynurenine is synthesized by the enzyme tryptophan dioxygenase, which is made primarily but not exclusively in the liver, and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase, which is made in many tissues in response to immune activation. Kynurenine and its further breakdown products carry out diverse biological functions, including dilating blood vessels during inflammation and regulating the immune response. Some cancers increase kynurenine production, which increases tumor growth .
CAS Number343-65-7
Chemical FormulaC10H12N2O3
IUPAC name2-amino-4-(2-aminophenyl)-4-oxobutanoic acid
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/C10H12N2O3/c11-7-4-2-1-3-6(7)9(13)5-8(12)10(14)15/h1-4,8H,5,11-12H2,(H,14,15)
Average Molecular Weight208.2139
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight208.08479226
Chemical Taxonomy
Description Belongs to the class of organic compounds known as alkyl-phenylketones. These are aromatic compounds containing a ketone substituted by one alkyl group, and a phenyl group.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassOrganic oxygen compounds
ClassOrganooxygen compounds
Sub ClassCarbonyl compounds
Direct ParentAlkyl-phenylketones
Alternative Parents
  • Alkyl-phenylketone
  • Butyrophenone
  • Alpha-amino acid
  • Alpha-amino acid or derivatives
  • Benzoyl
  • Aniline or substituted anilines
  • Aryl alkyl ketone
  • Gamma-keto acid
  • Monocyclic benzene moiety
  • Beta-aminoketone
  • Benzenoid
  • Keto acid
  • Vinylogous amide
  • Amino acid
  • Amino acid or derivatives
  • Carboxylic acid
  • Carboxylic acid derivative
  • Monocarboxylic acid or derivatives
  • Primary aliphatic amine
  • Organonitrogen compound
  • Primary amine
  • Organic nitrogen compound
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organic oxide
  • Amine
  • Organopnictogen compound
  • Aromatic homomonocyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAromatic homomonocyclic compounds
External Descriptors
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Experimental logPNot Available
Experimental Water SolubilityNot Available
Melting PointNot Available
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Production Methodcommercial
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Storage Formsolid
Storage Conditions-80°C
StabilityNot Available
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Rosa Vazquez
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AKSci E791
Toronto Research Chemicals K661000