Provider Information
Registered on2018-06-17 14:30:57 UTC
First NameCorentin Georges
InstitutionGTEC INT'L., SPRL
Institution TypePrivate Organization
AddressClos du Bergoje 1
Zip Code1160
Phone Number32485540343
Research Information
General Area of ResearchNatural Protein purification
Detailed Area of Research(a) Natural Sweeteners (protein) of natural origin (b) Natural Thaumatin Research (c) Recombinnt Thaumatin Reasearch (d) Stevia Research
  • Chemical synthesis of food compounds or metabolites
  • Enzymatic synthesis of food compounds or metabolites
  • Biological synthesis of food compounds or metabolites (by means of cell culture of biotechnological techniques)
  • Metabolism of food compounds in vivo (human/animal models/cell culture)
  • Isolation of food components from food or food extract
  • Metabolomics
  • Analytics
    • Food compounds
    • Metabolites of food compounds generated in vivo or in vitro
    • NMR
    • LC-MS
    • GC-MS
  • Offering pure compounds or their metabolites
  • Offering extracts from food items
  • Obtaining pure compounds or their metabolites
  • Obtaining extracts from food items
Purpose of Use
  • Identification of markers from nutrimetabolomics studies
  • Investigations of components derived from food metabolism
  • Investigation of biological effects of food components or their metabolites