Provider Information
Registered on2018-01-30 23:49:11 UTC
First NameJessica
Last NameCooperstone
InstitutionThe Ohio State University
Institution TypeUniversity
Address2001 Fyffe Court
Zip Code43210
Phone Number16142922843
Research Information
General Area of Researchphytochemical chartacterization, human health
Detailed Area of ResearchOur group is interested in understanding which compounds in comprehensively profiling fruits and vegetables (focus on tomatoes) to understand what phytochemicals are imparting bioactivity with a long term aim of developing crops with enhanced health benefits
  • Metabolism of food compounds in vivo (human/animal models/cell culture)
  • Metabolomics
  • Analytics
    • Food compounds
    • Metabolites of food compounds generated in vivo or in vitro
    • NMR
  • Offering extracts from food items
  • Obtaining pure compounds or their metabolites
  • Obtaining biological samples from animals or human volunteers that were exposed to food components or their metabolites
Purpose of Use
  • Identification of markers from nutrimetabolomics studies
  • Investigations of components derived from food metabolism
  • Investigation of biological effects of food components or their metabolites